Migration of Oracle Cloud infrastructure

Infrastructure migration to the cloud

Migrating your infrastructure to the Oracle cloud will allow you to make better use of resources and access modern technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness. With Oracle Cloud, companies can focus on their core business instead of managing IT infrastructure.

Backup of Oracle databases
to the Oracle cloud

Using the Oracle cloud database backup service allows you to protect your data against loss and enables their easier recovery in the event of a failure or other threats. Thanks to this, business continuity is maintained and losses resulting from data loss are avoided.

Database migration from an existing database
to the cloud

Az Oracle adatbázisok on-premise verziójának a felhőbe történő migrációja lehetővé teszi az informatikai infrastruktúra kezelésével és karbantartásával kapcsolatos költségek csökkentését. Emellett lehetővé teszi az adatokhoz való könnyebb hozzáférést és a hatékonyabb menedzsmentet.

Migration to Autonomous Database and Migration to Oracle Database as a Service

Migration to an autonomous database allows you to increase the efficiency and scalability of databases and automate many tasks related to database management. Migrating to Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS) allows you to use Oracle databases in a subscription model, without having to invest in your own IT infrastructure. Both options offer a number of benefits, including better performance, greater flexibility and lower database management costs.

Oracle Cloud migration certificate​

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