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Welcome to
Datatronic Oracle Technologies Hub

At Datatronic we’re dedicated to helping businesses leverage the power of Oracle technologies to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our team of experts is here to guide you through the world of Oracle solutions.

Who Are We?

Datatronic is a leading provider of Oracle technology solutions. With more than 20 years of experience and a team of certified professionals, we are committed to delivering top-tier Oracle services and products to our clients. Our mission is to empower organizations by harnessing the full potential of Oracle technologies.

Our Oracle Services

Oracle Database Administration

Ensure your data is secure, accessible,
and optimized with our database administration
services. Our team of highly skilled and
certified Oracle DBAs is here to meet your
database management needs.

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Transition to the cloud seamlessly
with Oracle Cloud solutions tailored
to your specific needs.
We offer a comprehensive suite of cloud
solutions tailored to meet your organization's
unique needs. Our expert team
specializes in deploying,
managing, and optimizing Oracle
Cloud services, ensuring you harness the full
potential of the cloud for your business.

Oracle Application Development

Build, enhance, and maintain
custom applications using Oracle
technologies for better business
processes with Apex and PL/SQL.
Our team of skilled developers excels in
creating feature-rich, user-friendly
applications that leverage the full potential of Oracle APEX.
We specialize in custom solutions that
address your unique needs,
from database applications to data visualization tools.

Oracle Exadata Service

With our Oracle Exadata Service,
you can experience reduced latency,
faster query processing, and robust
data consolidation. Whether you're looking to
migrate to Exadata, optimize your existing
system, or need around-the-clock
support, we have you covered. Empower your
organization with cutting-edge database
technology that's engineered for excellence.
Contact us today to explore how Oracle Exadata
can transform your data infrastructure
and drive your business forward.

Oracle Consulting

Our experts provide consultation on Oracle technology best practices, architecture design, backup solution and system optimization.

Why Datatronic could be your best Oracle partner?

Thanks to our license optimization service, you may reduce your current Oracle license costs significantly. Always a dedicated team of engineers deals with the current tasks at a client, which means permanence and stability during the partnership.

We can handle all tasks related to Oracle operation, so you only have to contract with one partner.

We work with a permanent, qualified team of Hungarian Oracle experts. Our 24/7 system maintenance service and outstanding problem management experience provide maximum security.

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