Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 self-assessment test

Where does your business stand in industrial digitalisation?

Our online questionnaire at allows industrial companies to get a quick, easy and free comprehensive picture of their own level of readiness for Industry 4.0. The test measures both the general state of knowledge and the 6 main segments of the Industry 4.0 requirements framework: strategy, smart factory, smart operations, smart products, data-driven solutions, people and organisation. Based on the scores, there are 5 levels of achievement, from a level that is only interested in Industry 4.0 to a very advanced level with complex digital solutions.

In addition to defining the levels, the 10-page-plus evaluation study provides practical findings and suggestions, based on decades of professional experience, valuable practical know-how and even shows how other companies in the same industry and size segment as the respondent have performed. This information will be more valuable and of course more accurate the more companies complete the Industry 4.0 self-audit.

The test is available at and is completely free to use. Fill it in yourself!


A basic aspect of the system design is to make daily maintenance functions in an industrial manufacturing environment as easy to manage as possible, possibly at the touch of a button.

  • Digitalised and centralised repair and maintenance work management system (CMMS)
  • Automatic notifications
  • Real-time process transparency
  • Optimal organisation of maintenance
  • Statistics, reports, pareto
  • Machine data sheets, QR code

Software functions


Job tracking



One step ahead of the competitors - software advantages:

  • Increasing machine utilisation, reducing costs​
  • Real-time data – quick decisions
  • Increasing OEE indicators​
  • KPI compliance, developments​
  • Efficient use of maintenance resources​
  • Digitalised checklists

System deployment

Integration of IoT devices - Industry 4.0

Can be integrated into a Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)

For industrial manufacturing companies, Service networks, facility managers

Cloud-based service

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