DCI - Datatronic Cloud

Datatronic Cloud Infrastructure - DCI

The Datatronic Cloud service is available from two data centers, the Berdo II Industrial Park in Nagytarcsa and the ATW headquarters in Hauszmann Alajos Street in the 11th district.

Our company is not a simple hosting provider, infrastructures and applications using the latest Cloud technologies are available to our customers.

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We use cloud native technologies in our data centers, so our machine park operates in a cluster system, based on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). HCI is a software-based solution that includes all elements of classic data centers, such as:
  • Storage virualisation
  • Compute virtualisation
  • Network virtualisation
  • Advanced monitoring, including automation
In our data center, the various systems are installed using Terraform deployment, making use and operation even more comfortable.

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Our services

Virtual machines with Linux and
Windows operating systems

Virtual servers with different operating systems are available among our basic services. Virtual servers are configured according to your needs.

The Datatronic Microservice Cluster (DMC) service is a special cloud service that is built on a Kubernetes-based microservice technology background, enabling continuous high availability, non-stop system updates and automatic server capacity allocation. Learn about the advantages of DMC compared to other cloud storage locations and choose the most modern server technology for your company systems.

Data security is one of the most important buzzwords these days. We think so too, which is why we provide our customers with various backup solutions with Oracle RMAN, Commvault and Veeam support. We undertake the implementation of unique backup strategies and DR sites. You can read more about our solutions in the Blog section. Uniquely on the market, we make free weekly backups of the systems rented from us.

Corporate correspondence

Corporate correspondence is available among our services, where the used storage space, not the user number, is the authority. Your company can configure the correspondence within its own competence, or you can entrust it to us.

Infrastructure that serves the company

In addition to correspondence, we undertake to service the entire infrastructural background of companies, such as:
- Cloud file sharing application, with online document editing and filestreaming based on Nextcloud
- Hosting of Git version tracking systems
- Implementation of Argo, CI/CD solutions
- Development of infrastructural solutions supporting full Kubernetes development, automatic deployments
- Remote desktop and VDI solutions on the Microsoft platform

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What we offer

Professional support

We provide on-demand professional consulting, Oracle and DevOps consultation and training for understanding and mastering the hosted platform, and we take over operational tasks (monitoring, version change, installation of available bug fixes).

Coordinated operation

Maintaining consistency between the different created system environments (e.g. development and test environment) is incredibly easy with DCI. The applications are easily portable between different platforms and environments.

Secure data storage

The systems hosted by us are backed up, where redundant and geo-redundant data storage methods can be selected, which provide increased data security, as the data is guaranteed to be stored in Hungary in Datatronic’s geographically separate data centers. In addition, we also set up automatic backups according to the customer’s needs. We undertake the planning and implementation of DR Sites, from the remote storage of backups to synchronized online systems.


We provide administrative rights for hosted systems.


DCI provides continuous deep dive monitoring so that you can easily monitor the utilization of available resources.

Focus on your business and development, leave the infrastructure to us!

In order to ensure the safety of the systems, we constantly monitor them, make backups and report if resource problems arise while using the system. This is especially important when running webshops, where the system must meet different loads.

We aim to satisfy every special demand

In case of your need for special infrastructure we are here to help.

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