as a Service

What is Backup
as a Service ?

BaaS is an easy-to-use, cloud-based backup and recovery service which allows you to schedule your backups based on your backup strategy through a dedicated management interface. Of course, we provide professional assistance throughout the entire process, from developing the backup strategy to scheduling it in the system.

Why choose
as a Service?

In the 21st century, one of the most burning questions in the world of IT is whether our data is safe. In addition to external attacks, viruses and malware, there are many other events that can cause the security of our data to be compromised. For example, user errors, power outages, physical equipment failure or even a natural disaster. The previously mentioned can easily lead to data inaccessibility or, in the worst case, even loss, which can have consequences.

Data loss
potential effects




Of course, this can cost you or your company a lot of time and money, directly or indirectly.

Use of the 3-2-1-1 rule

  • Store 3 last backups
  • on 2 different data storage devices
  • 1 offsite copy
  • 1 read only copy
Of course, backups are of no use if they are not usable, so a regular recovery test is important.

When should you choose Backup as a Service?

  • If you want a simple, easy-to-use web interface that you can access from anywhere
  • If you want to schedule your own backups
  • If you want a flexible price plan that can be changed at any time
  • If you want to keep your physical or virtual servers secure
  • Want to protect your own personal computer with backups stored in the cloud
  • If you need to move your data from one cloud to another, or from your own premises to the cloud

Did you know that Microsoft
does not take responsibility for
your data stored in Microsoft 365
and therefore does not provide
backups? Keep your Microsoft 365 data
safe with our BaaS service!

What are the safety measures that make BaaS the perfect choice?

Its data
remain within the borders of Hungary

Our two data centres enable geo-redundancy, so if one data centre goes down, your data can still be accessed by the other data centre

Protection is guaranteed by AES encryption, SSL protocols and secure connections

Reduced bandwidth and storage space
thanks to data compression, non-duplication and incremental backup, optimizing
storage even more

We are ISO 27001 certified for information
security, ensuring
the security of your data

For any questions or to order the service, please
contact us at or
+36 70 392 7242!