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Understanding Kubernetes from Real-world Use Cases

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Why Kubernetes? Due to high traffic volume, Tinder’s engineering team faced challenges of scale and stability. What did they do? The answer is, of course, Kubernetes. Tinder’s engineering team solved interesting challenges to migrate 200 services and run a Kubernetes cluster at scale totaling 1,000 nodes, 15,000 pods, and 48,000 running containers. Was that easy? ….  Read More

Develop Hundreds of Kubernetes Services at Scale with Airbnb

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Developing Kubernetes services at Airbnb scale Cebula: I’m really excited about this track, DevX and DevOps. Personally, it’s very exciting to me because at least at Airbnb, we did have this historical problem of people building DevX tooling and DevOps tooling separately, but not really unifying those two sets of tooling. That’s something I’ve really ….  Read More

Tinder’s move to Kubernetes

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Tinder’s move to Kubernetes Written By: Chris O’Brien, Engineering Manager |Chris Thomas, Engineering Manager| Jinyong Lee, Senior Software Engineer | Edited By: Cooper Jackson, Software Engineer Why Almost two years ago, Tinder decided to move its platform to Kubernetes. Kubernetes afforded us an opportunity to drive Tinder Engineering toward containerization and low-touch operation through immutable deployment. Application build, deployment, and ….  Read More