Enter a new dimension of container orchestration with Datatronic!

What should you know about our Datatronic Microservice Cluster (DMC)?

Datatronic Microservice Cluster (DMC) is a unique cloud service built on a Kubernetes-based microservice technology, providing continuous availability, online system upgrades and automatic server capacity allocation. Learn about the advantages of DMC over other cloud hosting solutions and choose the latest server technology for your company's systems.


Technical support

We provide on-demand technical support, DevOps consulting and training to help you understand and learn the DMC platform, so you can get started even if you’re new to microservice technologies.

Coordinated operation

Maintaining consistency between the different system environments, which was created (e.g. development and test environments), is incredibly easy with DMC. Applications can be easily ported between different platforms and environments.

Secured data storage

Within the DMC cluster, redundant and geo-redundant cluster can be selected, which provides increased data security, as the data is guaranteed to be stored in Hungary, in Datatronic’s geographically separated data centres. In addition, automatic backups are configured according to the customer’s requirements.
easy setup

User friendly

DMC takes just a few clicks to set up, and its interface is simple and user-friendly.

System monitoring

The platform allows you to manage all your clusters, servers and containers from a single location, regardless of where the machines or application components are located. It supports cluster design, implementation, scaling and lifecycle management of components.

Automatic scaling

In addition to the usual manual resource management commands, the DMC platform allows a completely automatic system capacity expansion based on the CPU/RAM load of the application, so you don’t have to worry about your webshop becoming unavailable during a Black Friday promotion or not being able to handle a sudden increase in website traffic.


The DMC platform can provide the same stability for larger systems, even with millions of containers, just like a system with a few containers!!!

Self-repairing technology

DMC executes system updates step by step, while monitoring the status of each instance. In case of any problem, the technology discards the actual step of changement. And if a container crashes, Kubernetes tool can recoginse it and automatically change it with another one.


DMC provides continuous deep dive monitoring so you can easily follow the utilization of your resources.

Take a look at our package offers!


Huf 39990
  • 3 Worker Node
  • 2 Intel Xeon CPU Core / Node
  • 4 GB RAM / Node
  • 50 GB storage


Huf 69990
  • 3 Worker Node​
  • 4 Intel Xeon CPU Core / Node
  • 7 GB RAM / Node
  • 100 GB storage


Huf 119990
  • 3 Worker Node​
  • 6 Intel Xeon CPU Core / Node
  • 14 GB RAM / Node
  • 300 GB storage


  • 1 Worker Node
  • 2 Intel Xeon CPU Core / Node
  • 2 GB RAM / Node
  • 10 GB storage


  • Create your own cluster according to your needs!

Our packages of course include the Master Node needed to run the Worker Nodes, and you also get a standalone Rancher user to manage the platform, where you can freely manage your clusters! If you need a dedicated Rancher management interface, please contact us!

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Gergő Ruzsinszki

Technical expert

Email: dmc@datatronic.hu

Ruzsinszki Gergő