Secured Digitalization

is easily accessible with Us

We support complex digital transformation with our modular services.

We create company's digital strategy and carry out digitization processes cost-effectively.


How Digitization helps your company!

  • Simpler and more transparent processes

  • Faster and more efficient operation

  • Cost Reduction

  • Saves time for you and your Employees

  • Accurate Tracking of Goods, Products, Warehousing

  • Easier and Safer Document Management

  • You can even run your company from home

  • Precise Control and Management

  • Mobility and Flexibility

Our Products & Services

Integrated Cloud ERP

Datatronic Cloud
File Sharing & Managing
Mailing, Calendar
Chat- Call - Video

Save your companies data in one secured place

E-Business - ERP
production management system

Desktop Tier
Remote Control Machines - IOT


Warehouse and Database

Datamining AI (powered by Black Sheep)

Server Hosting
Exadata Services


Data Safe
Digital Assistant(Chatbot)
Virtual Machine
E-Business Suite
Weblogic server
Developer tool
Application Express (APEX)

The process of digitalization

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Priority for security

Security and privacy are our primary top priorities. Your data is completely secure and can be viewed at any time in it's physical reality, in our server center.

Modular systems

Our IT solutions can be modified and expanded based on specific, current needs.


Our specialists have decades of experience and specialized knowledge of the latest IT solutions. We like to have constant challanges. There is no unattainable challange for us in the field od digitalization.


0-24 availability and support.

Global Network

Our partners are global companies whose support is ongoing and assured. We have an outstanding IT professional network.


We have multiple infrastructure redundancies. Multi-level data protection and continuous current and air conditioning are provided in our server centers.


Our company has been present on the market since 2002 as an IT player and is constantly growing – we have up-to-date information technology knowledge.


In the digital transformation sector, we work with one of the best prices and efficiency - there are no hidden costs.


In Hungary, we have the expertise and use of Mikrotik routers, one of the largest export products from the Republic of Latvia.

Our customers


We have been developing our expertise since the beginning of the 2000s - We use innovative IT technologies (Oracle, Microsoft, MSSQL, SAP) - We continuously deliver the highest value to our customers with our deep industry and system integration expertise.

The ones who will accomplish the Digitalization.
Meet the Datatronic Core team.

Ruzsinszki Viktor
Ruzsinszki Gergő
Technical Leader
Juhász Márton
Head of Innovation and Sales
Csányi Zsolt
Oracle Expert

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Juhász Márton
Head of Innovation and Sales

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