Secure digitalisation

The latest solutions For your business In an accessible format The latest solutions For your business In an accessible format The latest solutions For your business In an accessible format

We’ve been developing our expertise since the early 2000s – We use innovative IT technologies (Oracle, Microsoft, MSSQL, Linux, Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Docker, ) – We deliver the highest value to our customers through our deep industry and systems integration expertise.

The security and protection of our customers’ data is our top priority. We have multiple infrastructure redundancies. We have multiple levels of data protection and continuous power and air conditioning in our server centres. You can see for yourself by visiting our data centres. Our IT solutions can be modified and expanded according to your specific, current needs. Our interoperable technologies ensure high performance.

Products and services


Datatronic Microservice Cluster - for professional hosting of high availability systems, automatic resource allocation

Datatronic Cloud

Cloud-based business services for small and medium-sized enterprises for a secure home office


Premium Oracle services with 20+ years of experience

Industry 4.0

Digital machine logbook and maintenance optimisation system integrating ERP and IoT tools

Why choose the Datatronic team?


Cloud Native Technologies

We are unique in Hungary in the way we apply Cloud Native technologies in our clusters. Our infrastructure is based on a Bare Metal solution.

High availability

We handle your data securely, in accordance with GDPR guidelines, and provide you with ongoing access and support at all times of the day.

Global network

Our partners are global companies whose support is ongoing and secure. We have an outstanding network of IT professionals.


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