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Datatronic Cloud

Datatronic Cloud is a self-developed Next Cloud-based Closed File Manager and Sharing System. It is designed to ensure the security of your company’s data and human communications in both chat, video and video calling features.

The system runs through its own closed server, to which only you and your colleagues can access or grant permissions.The system is similar to a competing Cloud system. The difference is that your data is safe with us, as there are no bridging foreign servers, you and your company only have your data stored on a dedicated redundant device that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

A Datatronic Cloud promotes everyday safe operation. It is compatible with all file formats, so you can easily edit Word Documents, MS Excel files or Power Point presentations without having to download them to your machine. Feel free to even call your colleagues in a video call that you can record and stored in your cloud system. We do not have hidden costs. The product can be customized for each person and company, so we can perfectly serve the Datatronic Cloud to the needs of you and your business. Datatronic Cloud is available on all platforms in the form of an application. The DC package contains 15 EUR / person / month. Contents of the package:

Desktop Tier

Do you want to safely control and manage your machines and equipment from home or even Remotely through a closed network?

If your machines are IOT-compatible, we can make them available to you via a closed interface. Our goal to be able to monitor the operation of your machines and even intervene in certain situations

If you don’t have IoT machines yet, no problem our company’s official partner ####### is the largest supplier of IoT and Industry 4.0 devices worldwide and we are ready to help you choose the right machines, and implement them,

Desktop Tear
Adatkezelés Adatelemző Adatelemzés Üzleti elemzés Költség csökkentés

E-Business - ERP

We offer a complex Company and Production Management system (ERP & MRP) for small, medium and large companies. Our company is an Oracle products and systems expert so we can confidently provide ready-made and proven enterprise and production management systems with long-term support. /

We can implement any modular company or production management system on request, which will help your company. Be it material sourcing, manufacturing, design, warehousing, logistics or even office applications, invoicing, finance, legal or tax administration.

If you already have a Enterprise resource planning system (MySQL, SAP, Microsoft exPanda, Abas, Cobra, Unit4) but want to remotely and securely access or develop – or switch – we can also provide 100% support for such requests. Please see our case study.


Save all your company data to a dedicated secure redundant server. The servers are individually built, on a secure basis to serve users and companies in the most optimal way

The data is, of course, available via a secure VPN connection that we also provide to your company. If your organization wants to host more servers, we are also partners. The goal is to provide the most efficient service possible, both in terms of cost and specification. If you host a server from us, we will take over the operation and all associated costs.

Privacy and Data Security is our first priority. We have multiple infrastructural redundancies with multi-level data protection and continuous power and conditioning in our server centers. Your dedicated server can be viewed in physical reality according to GDPR guidelines!

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