Company Evolution with First step to become Enterprise level

With Artificial Intelligence, new opportunities and perspectives open up for your company

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Exadata accelerates time to market.

Collect all the Data, Maintain, Mine, Analyze and Improve to Save Cost and Time with Datatronic Exadata Services

Adatbázis Adatvédelem server

Warehouse and Database

In Datatronic we can host you an ORACLE EXADATA DATABASE MACHINE what your company actually needs.

Hosting the Fastest Database on Earth which gives you ZERO limitation of your data collection and storage. Users can spend more time doing useful work, and less time waiting. With Exadata X8-2 the 475 GB per second of analytic scan bandwidth from SQL and 9.8 Million 8K write I/Os per second can be reached.

Collect all your data in one secured place. With Datatronic – Exadata all types of failures are protected. Optimize your expenditures. Exadata enables business users to make smarter decisions, discover growth opportunities, and reduce costs.

Datamining AI (powered by Black Sheep)

Together with Balck Sheep Intelligence we can give you the Inforamtion what your company needs

By transforming unstructured data into structured databases your Company can get relevant and useful information, therefore cost reduction, time effectiveness and improvement can be garanteed

MI Gépi tanulás mesterséges intelligencia

Exadata Operation

We undertake for your company's existing Exadata's daily operations :

Exadata Patching

We undertake for your company's existing Exadata's Patching :

Exadata Services

We undertake for your company's existing Exadata's Installation & New deployment:

Operativ Partners

Strategic Partners

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