Microservices cluster

Create easily your Container Orchestration technology based on
Completely Managed Microservices Cluster

At Datatronic, we provide a complete service portfolio. From infrastructure to training to consulting with dedicated Hungarian based Data Centers.


Why the Completely Managed Microservices Cluster?

  • Pre-installed Cluster for faster ease of use
  • Dedicated, operating and viewable georedundant data centers in Hungary. The data does not leave the EU
  • Transparent pricing, no hidden costs 
  • Rancher UI interface with all the features of Rancher
  • KubeCTL management
  • VPN and file level root access (ssh)
  • CI/CD pipeline GitLAB connection
  • Snapshot feature and multi-level backup 
  • Integrated Load Balancer
  • Latest stable versions, constant updating
  • Hybrid and Multi Cloud support. On-premise options 
  • No vendor lock in
  • Maximum Security Services
  • Dedicated resource
  • Deployed in minutes and ready to Go!
Iaas Infrastructure

Advantages of the technology


Fault Prevention and Self-Repair

CMMC will gradually introduce the changes while monitoring the status of each instance. In the event of a problem, the technology will discard the changes. In the event that one container crashes, the device replaces it with another while recovering the faulty one.


The time required to learn the capabilities of the platform is longer, however, the time invested pays off in the form of many useful features and access, which you can use to tailor the platform to the needs of your business.
easy setup

Easy to install and manage

CMMC can be easily clicked in a few steps to get the most optimal, performance for your applications and developments.

Different infrastructure solutions

Redundant - and Georgendundant Cluster options. Data and deployment remain in Datatronic's data centers in Hungary.

Consulting and Training

We provide the right training and advice to understand and master the platform.

Maximum efficiency

Get the most out of your resources automatically. It seamlessly distributes storage across clusters to ensure the most efficient use of resources.


The platform allows you to manage all clusters, servers, and containers from one place, no matter where the machines or application components are. It supports group design, implementation, scaling, and element lifecycle management.


You can also scale and reduce resource requirements with commands through the user interface or automatically based on CPU or Memory load.


If the main value is the development of stability and its predictability, then it is worth choosing the CMMC platform. Especially if you need an extensive system of thousands or millions of containers..

Harmony and Consistency between environments

Once the application is launched on the platform, it becomes a portable application. The application can be transferred between environments (e.g., development, testing, manufacturing) and infrastructure solutions while maintaining application consistency.


We provide the ability for continuous deep dive monitoring so you can easily track the utilization of available resources.


Rolling update! CMMC creates a secondary 1on1 cluster during each update, so there is no downtime during the update.
Datatronic CMMC is a platform based on open source technology that can be used to manage large containers.
Please watch our video how to deploy.
It supports automated deployments, application scaling, container management, and monitoring processes and changes.Application owners and development teams using the platform may focus more on developing their products than on their DevOps activities. The application can be installed and launched using a combination and deployment of pods, services, or microservices.


  • We provide a free interface for seven full days
  • All features are the same as paid services
  • Notification is received before the end of the trial period. No timed backup
  • The development can be taken further into larger packages so they are not lost

Trial Cluster - 7 - days


EUR 49
/Worker Node /Month
  • Worker Node
  • 2 CPU Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 50 GB Disk Size


EUR 114
/Worker Node /Month
  • Worker Node
  • 4 CPU Core
  • 7 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Disk Size


EUR 219
/Worker Node /Month
  • Worker Node
  • 6 CPU Core / node
  • 14 GB RAM / node
  • 300 GB Disk Size

Rancher Business

  • Worker Node
  • 4 CPU Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Disk Size

Rancher Enterprise

  • Worker Node
  •  CPU Core
  •  GB RAM
  • TB Disk Size
  • Configure and assemble your own Cluster
  • Change the values individually
  • Perfect for specified improvements
  • The number of Worker Nodes is configurable 
  • Contact us for extra large volumes

Private Cluster

Our partners

Redundand DataCenter

Location of Datatronic DataCenters

– Dedicated DataCenter

– Georedundant locations (25 km between the two DC’s)

– Viewable in operation

– Minimal latency in Central Europe 

– Redundant architecture



Contact us!


+36 70 392 7242


István Ancsin
Sales Manager

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