Datatronic Cloud

Cloud-based IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

If you're not an IT professional and, as a company manager, you're tired of making decisions on issues that are outside your area of expertise, you're in the right place. Datatronic Ltd can take almost all the IT tasks off your shoulders needed to run the online administration of a small or medium-sized business. As a specialist in the latest Cloud native technologies, and as an IT service provider with our own data center, we can provide you with all the tools and functions that used to be done by an IT department at a company - all simply, from one source, securely.

If your company also experiences
  • colleagues working in home office have technical problems or find it difficult to monitor their work,
  • company documents can be accessed by unauthorised people at a distance,
  • fear that your data could be lost if there is no backup,
  • have no digital strategy,
  • it feels like you are paying too much for an IT service for someone else
  • then fill the following form!

    Cloud infrastructure

    Remote working and home office support with professional cloud solutions

    Starter price

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  • 99.9% availability
  • Automatically increasing capacity depending on the workload
  • Technical support
  • Maximum data security
  • Cloud-based backup system

    Developing a scheduled automatic backup system


    File management with Nextcloud

    Cloud-based file sharing, storage and editing application, internal communication and teamwork support tool

    Nextcloud advantages:
  • Only you, your colleagues and authorised persons can access the data stored on the locked server.
  • Secure, geo-redundant data storage in Hungary without using foreign servers
  • Easy to use
  • Edit MS Office and other files online without downloading
  • Compatibility with all file formats
  • Free phone and video calls to anybody
  • We can also deal with specific needs
  • Available as an app from any mobile platform
  • Task manager
  • Kanban board
  • Mailing with Mailcow

    Dedicated business mail and website, domain service


    Website and webshop based on WordPress/Woocommerce

    Popular open source website and webshop system with additional accelerator features from Datatronic


    DT Webshop Engine

    High performance, scalable webshop framework from the Datatronic development team


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    If you have any questions, or if you would like to find a solution to a specific problem, please do not hesitate to contact us using one of the contacts below:

    Viktor Ruzsinszki
    CEO, Oracle Senior Technical Consultant
    Ruzsinszki Viktor